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Shandong Depuda Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of electric vehicle motors. Registered in July 2008, it is located in the state-level development zone--Zibo High-tech Zone Advanced Manufacturing Industry Innovation Park. The company is committed to the research and development of electric vehicle motors, patrol car motors, golf cart motors, sightseeing car motors and other traction motors for electric vehicles.

In July 2015, the company became the first technology-based enterprise to be listed on the “New Third Board” of the electric vehicle drive motor industry (stock short name: Depuda, code: 833119). At present, the company has obtained the compulsory certification of the National Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the CE certification of the European Union. It has been rated as one of the top 30 high-growth industrial enterprises in Zibo High-tech Zone for two consecutive years. In 2010, the "Zibo Xiwei-Depuda Motor Research Institute" was established (淄Gaoxin Management [2010] No. 77). In 2012, Zibo Science and Technology Bureau identified it as "Zibo Short-distance Pure Electric Passenger Vehicle Motor Engineering Technology Research Center". "(淄科发[2012]67号). The company has obtained a number of patents, and the research and production of electric motors are in the forefront of the same industry. The multi-function electric motor developed by the company passed the appraisal of the product results of Shandong Science and Technology Department (Lu Ke Cheng Jian Zi [2013] No. 516), reaching The domestic advanced level.

Shandong Depuda Electric Co., Ltd. is the executive director unit of Zibo New Energy Automobile Alliance, and as the sole motor development and production enterprise, participated in the formulation of Shandong New Energy Automobile Technology Innovation Alliance Standard Q/3700SDL 0001-2011 "Low-speed electric vehicle General technical conditions; the company has always attached importance to product standards and quality work, the company is a member of the National Micro-motor Standardization Technical Committee, the executive director unit of the Micro-Electrical Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association; the company as a participating drafting unit, participated in the formulation of national standards Six general national and industrial standards for general-purpose technical requirements for permanent magnet brushless motor systems, industry standards, general technical conditions for DC servo motors, and general technical conditions for geared motors.

Depuda Motor Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of product quality. We adhere to the tenet of “seeking progress through science and technology, surviving on quality, and developing on credit”. Products are produced according to standards, with advanced technology and perfect testing means; Advanced machining equipment, serialized motor-specific equipment, complete electrician, assembly line, and advanced motor testing equipment. The company's electric vehicle motor has been sold to domestic electric vehicle manufacturers.

We will uphold the core values ​​of "integrity, efficiency, innovation, and transcendence". With full work enthusiasm and high sense of social responsibility, we will seize the historical opportunity with high-quality products and considerate services to promote new leap in the enterprise. Sincere cooperation, work together to create a better future.