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Four excitation methods for electric vehicle motors

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无论是电动叉车电机还是电动汽车电机都需要定期进行添加、更滑润滑油,从而确保电机内部的零部件能够一直保持灵活的运转状态。但在给电机添加、更换润滑油时,一定要注意自己的操作行为是否正确、规范,不然很可能会因为操作不当而导致润滑油外漏等现象的发生。所以下面小编就来讲讲在进行添加润滑油操作时的一些事项。  1、电动叉车电机的润滑油在使用一段时间之后可能因为各种原因而发生变质,因此要定期对润滑油的油质进行检
Both electric forklift motors and electric vehicle motors require regular additions and smoother lubricants to ensure that the components inside the motor remain flexible. However, when adding and replacing lubricating oil to the motor, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the operation behavior is correct and standardized, otherwise it is likely that the leakage of the lubricating oil may occur due to improper operation. Therefore, the following small series talk about some of the things when doing the lubrication operation.
1. The lubricating oil of the electric forklift motor may deteriorate due to various reasons after using for a period of time. Therefore, the oil quality of the lubricating oil should be checked regularly.
2. When inspecting the oil quality of the motor, first cut off the power supply and wait for the electric forklift motor to cool. Place an oil pan under the oil drain bolt of the motor, then open the oil level bolt, drain bolt and ventilator to start. Oil, wait for the oil to drain out, install the replay oil bolts, and inject new lubricant.
3. The brand name of the lubricating oil should be consistent with the original lubricating oil. The oil quantity is consistent with the installation position. After the oil level bolt is observed to reach the specified amount, tighten the oil level bolt and the ventilator.
In order to fully exert the efficacy of the lubricating oil, it is necessary not only to correctly replace and add the electric forklift motor, but also to select the appropriate oil quality, so as to make the lubricating oil function better. At the same time, in addition to regularly adding lubricant to the motor, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the motor to avoid excessive internal magazines and interfere with work efficiency.