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Method for preventing overheating of switched reluctance motor

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开关磁阻电机作为设备的核心部件,一旦出现过热现象,就会严重影响电机的正常运转状态,并且温度过高还会对电机内部零件造成损坏。而如今面对这种过热情况,生产厂家有了针对性的预防措施,可以有效制止电机过热引发问题的可能。所以下面小编就来讲讲都有哪些预防方法。  1、控制算法:开关磁阻电机介绍使用监测电流被称为一个值,有变化的时候,如何计算取决于使用的项目,但原则始终是一个时间和当前功能的算法,因此采用投入
Switched reluctance motor is the core component of the equipment. Once overheating occurs, it will seriously affect the normal running state of the motor, and if the temperature is too high, it will cause damage to the internal parts of the motor. Nowadays, in the face of such overheating, manufacturers have targeted preventive measures, which can effectively stop the possibility of motor overheating. Therefore, the following small series will talk about the prevention methods.
1. Control algorithm: Introduction to switched reluctance motor The use of monitoring current is called a value. When there is a change, how to calculate depends on the item used, but the principle is always a time and current function algorithm, so how much is set by the input time? , then what is overheating before the application.
2, the configuration of the sensor: the use of switched reluctance motor standard temperature configuration has two, the first is the configuration, not only using various types of sensors, all three stages of monitoring options have three, the sensor type is available, it is recommended to have a set of spare sensors . This is important because the sensors, different types of accurate static-sensitive devices, have a multi-stage assembly process, and if damaged, there is an additional setting to ensure that this is not all damage.
3. Stall control: This is to pay attention to each of the different important configurations, monitoring all three stages, not all cars have such settings, because it assumes any overheating, one stage will be even. In the case of stall conditions, the duty cycle of the machine tool will not be applied in this case. The commonly used switch reluctance motor may be an example, some of which is a certain amount of time, which is not evenly distributed at all stages, which is called "Stop".
Therefore, the switch reluctance motor is equipped with some control devices, which can effectively control and notify the motor when it is about to reach the "overheating" point, so as to avoid the danger of the motor being really overheated. At the same time, Xiao Bian reminds everyone that when using the motor in peacetime, it is necessary to reasonably plan the use time, and do not let the motor be overloaded for a long time, which will not only cause damage to the motor, but also potentially increase the failure rate.