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What factors determine the quality of the electric forklift motor

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随着电动叉车的使用范围越来越广,购买的客户日益增多,很多客户会面临着一个问题:该如何选择一个好的电动叉车电机呢?它的好坏有哪些因素决定呢?下面技术人员给大家介绍几点:  一般来说主要性能参数有:续行里程、行驶速度、车身重量、电池数量、最大爬坡度、额定载人数这几点,其中续行里程指的就是单次充满电后可以最多行驶多少公里的路程,行驶越多代表车辆性能越好。  蓄电池作为最为核心的一个部件,它的好坏直接影响
With the increasing use of electric forklifts and the increasing number of customers who purchase, many customers will face a problem: How to choose a good electric forklift motor? What factors determine its quality? The following technicians Tell us a few points:
In general, the main performance parameters are: mileage, driving speed, body weight, battery quantity, maximum grade, and rated load. The mileage is the maximum number of kilometers that can be driven after a single full charge. The more travel, the better the performance of the vehicle.
As the core component of the battery, its quality directly affects the performance of the electric forklift motor. Its specifications and quantity also directly affect its driving range and quality. Generally speaking, most of the current sales in the market use lead-acid batteries. The number of batteries is also determined according to the number of seats in the vehicle and the rated load.
The size of the maximum grade is determined by its own performance. Generally speaking, the electric forklift motor with better performance will have a higher climbing angle. The number of rated people is mainly determined by the size of the vehicle itself, the number of seats, and the size of the battery. Other factors determine.
So in general, there are many main factors that determine the quality of electric forklift motors, but basically they are the performance characteristics of their motors. Therefore, when purchasing motors, you must refer to their performance parameters and so on. , reference, in order to purchase a high quality, excellent performance of the motor.