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Product name:

Ultra-efficient reluctance synchronous motor

Product description
Ultra-high-efficiency magnetoresistive synchronous motor technology is a new type of ultra-efficient industrial motor after motor frequency conversion technology, permanent magnet synchronous motor technology and switched reluctance motor technology.
Ultra-high-efficiency reluctance synchronous motor has high efficiency and low switching noise, high efficiency, low noise, and no bearing damage caused by rotor shaft current. This kind of motor has high efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous motor and switch reluctance. The low-speed and high-torque characteristics of the motor and the elimination of the low-speed noise of the switched reluctance motor are currently highly valued in the world.


Based on the development of international motor technology, the technical team has developed a prototype of a successful ultra-high-efficiency magnetoresistive synchronous motor through cooperation with internationally renowned R&D teams, and has built a test platform. It is expected that this product technology will be applied to the new technology in a short period of time. Energy automotive and other industrial applications.
The company's technical team successfully developed a prototype of a new ultra-high-efficiency magnetoresistive synchronous motor, which has the high efficiency of permanent magnet motor and eliminates the disadvantages of large noise and torque ripple of the switched reluctance motor. The motor efficiency level is at the forefront of the world. This type of motor is highly valued abroad. It is still a blank in the domestic product application field. The application of this type of motor in China is no less important than the emergence of inverter motors.