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Product name:

Super torque low speed direct drive motor

Product description
Super-torque and low-speed direct-drive motors are the goal pursued by domestic and foreign technology experts. However, traditional induction motors or permanent magnet motors are technically difficult to implement due to their working principle, or the cost of the motor is unacceptable to users. Under the leadership of the “Thousand Talents” national special experts and the doctoral team of Tongji University, the company has developed a new type of special super large torque with world advanced level based on the experience of the original switched reluctance motor system design. Low-speed direct drive motors for mining, chemical, oil and other industries.
The new ultra-low speed, high torque, direct drive motor system (including control system, etc.) (referred to as low speed direct drive high torque motor system), using the latest generation of switched reluctance motor as the driving force, replacing the traditional motor, pulley, clutch, reducer drive The structure can effectively improve the system transmission efficiency, reduce the fault point, and is convenient to maintain. It can save energy, save electricity, reduce emissions, reduce noise and simplify the operation, adapt to frequent start-stop operations, and solve the problem that the ordinary asynchronous motor can not be loaded on site. The problem of startup, the efficiency of the work can be greatly improved, the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced, and it is a groundbreaking excellent product.