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High-power high-speed motor

High speed motor
Product description

High-power ultra-high-speed motors (with a speed of more than 60,000 rpm) are widely used in nuclear, chemical, aerospace, biomedical, molecular pumps, compressors and air spinning, and represent a country's high-end motor development. Manufacturing level. At present, in addition to low-power ultra-high-speed motors (within 1 kW) developed by universities for the aerospace industry, high-power ultra-high-speed motors for industrial applications rely on imports.

High-power ultra-high-speed motors involve four major technical problems: motor bearing technology, electromagnetic design technology, position sensor technology and power electronics technology. Now only a few countries such as Germany, the United States, Sweden and Japan can produce high-power ultra-high-speed motors. Technically adopt a policy of blockade against China.
With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for high-power ultra-high-speed motors is growing at a rate of more than 20% per year. It is very necessary and urgent to master the core technology of design and manufacture of high-power high-performance ultra-high-speed motors and improve the R&D and design level of high-end motors in the country through cooperation with three world-famous universities in Germany and Austria.
In July 2014, the company successfully developed an SRM ultra-high-speed motor system with a speed of 140,000 rpm. The system weighs 7.5kg and has a peak power of 40 kW. The motor design has been meticulously integrated and optimized for all problems such as electromagnetism, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, mechanical vibration, mechanical design and manufacturing process, motor control system, position detection, etc., achieving a perfect balance of multidisciplinary. The controller uses the latest FPGA system and high-speed power devices, combined with a careful and smooth control strategy to ensure that the motor outputs stable power at very high speeds.