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Product name:

Low power high speed motor

High speed motor
Product description
Low-power high-speed motors have broad application prospects in the following aspects:
(1) Low-power high-speed motors are used in various applications such as air-conditioners or centrifugal compressors in refrigerators. With the development of science and technology, more and more special requirements are applied, and its application will become more and more extensive.
(2) With the development of hybrid vehicles in the automotive industry, small-sized, lightweight, high-speed generators will receive sufficient attention and have good application prospects in the fields of hybrid vehicles, aviation, and ships.
(3) The high-speed generator driven by the gas turbine is small in size and has high maneuverability. It can be used as a backup power source for some important facilities. It can also be used as an independent power source or a small power station to make up for the shortage of centralized power supply. It has important practical value. .、