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Product name:

Switched reluctance motor

Product description
Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) is the latest generation of stepless speed regulation motor technology after variable frequency speed regulation and no commutator motor speed regulation. It is obtained in the fields of aviation, petroleum, mining, electric vehicles, machine tools, textiles and household electrical. Widely used.
Compared with the commonly used three-phase asynchronous motor, the switched reluctance motor has the advantages of simple motor structure, low cost, high starting torque, low speed performance, wide speed range and wide working area. And other obvious advantages.
Zibo Zhongju Magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has established a world-class R&D team based on Sinocon, Germany, standing at the forefront of international motor control technology, using the world's leading predictive control technology and direct torque control technology, using motor design. The R&D concept integrated with motor control develops a new high-efficiency switched reluctance motor drive system (SRD) with high reliability, low price and advanced performance.
Performance characteristics:
1. Simple motor structure
The structure of a switched reluctance motor is simpler than that of a squirrel cage induction motor. The outstanding advantage is that there is no winding of any kind on the rotor, and the mechanical strength is extremely high, which is very suitable for ultra-high speed operation; on the stator, it has only a few concentrated windings, so the manufacturing is simple and the insulation performance is good.

2. High system efficiency
The special structure of the switched reluctance motor eliminates the current loss on the rotor. It only produces current loss on the stator. The theoretical efficiency is higher than that of the induction motor and the wound-type synchronous motor. In principle, it can achieve the same efficiency as the permanent magnet motor. Level.
Switched reluctance motor drive system controller, controllable parameters, flexible and convenient, easy to achieve efficient optimization control in a wide range of speeds and different loads, in the field of variable speed and variable load applications, SRM's comprehensive performance is significantly better than variable frequency motor.
1. High system reliability
The phase windings and magnetic circuits of the SRM are independent of each other and are powered separately. When one phase of the system fails, the work of other phases is not affected. There is no other obstacle to the system except for the reduction in total power.
2. The starting current is small and the starting torque is large.
According to typical motor parameters, when the starting current is 15% of the rated current, the SRM can reach 100% of the rated torque. DC motors require 100% current, and squirrel cage induction motors require 300% current. This performance makes the SRM system ideal for applications that require heavy-duty starting, frequent start-stop, and long-term low-speed operation.

3. Good speed control performance
SRM has more controllable parameters than other motors, including conduction angle, turn-off angle, current amplitude, and winding voltage. More controllable parameters mean that the control is flexible and convenient. Therefore, the SRM system can achieve high speed stability.
4. Torque ripple and noise
The traditional view in the field of motors suggests that the structure and workings of SRM determine the nature of torque ripple and noise. In fact, this problem is closely related to the design and control of the motor. By optimizing the motor design and control strategy, torque ripple and noise can be effectively suppressed. For example, the servo switch reluctance motor developed by the famous NidecSRD company in the SRM field has a torque ripple of only 0.05%. Practice has proved that through reasonable motor and control strategy design, the torque ripple and noise level of SRM can completely reach the level of other types of motors.