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Product name:

Superconducting machine

Product description
Superconducting electricmachine is a motor in which the winding is made of a practical superconducting wire.
The superconducting wire has superconductivity at a critical temperature T, a critical magnetic field strength H, and a critical current density J value, and its electrical resistance is zero. This will reduce the resistance loss of the superconducting machine winding to zero, which not only solves the problem of heat generation and temperature rise of the armature winding, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the motor. More importantly, the critical magnetic field strength and critical current density of the superconducting wire are very high, so that the air gap flux density of the superconducting machine and the current density of the winding can be several times or even several times higher than that of the conventional conventional motor. This greatly increases the power density of the motor and reduces the weight, volume and material consumption of the motor. Since 1986, the discovery of supercritical materials with high critical temperature (liquid nitrogen temperature zone) has shown new prospects for the practical application of superconducting machines. Superconducting machines are mainly made up of turbo generators and single pole DC motors.