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Product name:

Magnetic suspension bearing

Product description
Magnetic Bearings use magnetic force to suspend the rotor in the air, so that there is no mechanical contact between the rotor and the stator. The principle is that the magnetic induction line is perpendicular to the magnetic floating line, and the axial core and the magnetic floating line are parallel, so the weight of the rotor is fixed on the running track, and the almost unloaded axial core is struts in the direction of the antimagnetic floating line to form the whole. The rotor is suspended and is on a fixed running track.
Compared with traditional rolling bearings, plain bearings and oil film bearings, there is no mechanical contact between the magnetic bearings. The rotor can run at very high speeds, with low mechanical wear, low energy consumption, low noise, long life, no lubrication, no oil pollution. Other advantages, especially suitable for high-speed, vacuum, ultra-clean and other special environments. Magnetic levitation is actually only an auxiliary function, not a separate bearing form. The specific application has to match other bearing forms, such as magnetic suspension + ball bearings, magnetic suspension + oil bearing, magnetic suspension + vaporized bearings and so on.