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3000W brushless electric vehicle controller
Product name:

3000W brushless electric vehicle controller

Controller series
Product description
Product description
The controller system consists of a chopper, main contactor, reversing contactor, main circuit fuse, control circuit fuse and heat-dissipating aluminum plate, which can provide smooth stepless speed control and positive and negative control for the motor.
The controller is widely used in electric golf carts, tour buses, hunting cars, electric cars, heavy goods vehicles and electric cruise ships.
In an electric vehicle, the function of the motor controller is to convert the electric energy stored in the power battery into the electric energy required to drive the motor according to the command of the gear position, the throttle, the brake, etc., to control the starting operation, the advance and retreat speed, and the climbing of the electric vehicle. The driving state such as the strength, or will help the electric vehicle to brake, and store part of the braking energy into the power battery. It is one of the key components of electric vehicles